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Susquehanna STEM to the Skies is a 501(c)(3) public charity promoting careers in aviation.  We seek to encourage STEM learning in classrooms at no cost to our schools or students. 


We have a full-motion Redbird FMX flight simulator that allows students to experience the excitement of flying an aircraft.  Under the guidance of an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), students build skills that later transfer into the airplane.

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Not only do students experience the thrill of piloting an aircraft, they can save time and money learning in a flight simulator.

There is myriad employment opportunities in aviation-related careers.  Each of the four STEM disciplines prevails in the industry, emphasizing the importance of a STEM-based curriculum.

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We provide our local central Pennsylvania schools with a unique opportunity – integrating a STEM-based aviation curriculum.  Participating schools are given curriculum and required materials to complete lessons and assignments that employ aviation-related tasks.

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Susquehanna STEM to the Skies members are aviators passionate about the industry.  We understand the need to work together to improve the future of our field.  Our team is dedicated to the furtherance of STEM education through aviation because we understand the important potential benefits it has for the the future.

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“The Redbird was as true to life as I could afford during my instrument training.  The full-motion and reliability allowed the procedures and feeling to translate to the aircraft perfectly.”

Stephanie White, CFI

“I can attest to the results of having such curriculum integrated in my high school from my own personal experience. Having a similar opportunity as a high school student was the motivation that I needed to become a captain at an airline.”

Chantelle Puletasi, ATP, CFI(I)-MEI

Meet the Crew

Susquehanna STEM to the Skies board members are pilots, FAA flight and ground instructors, FAA Safety Team (FAAST) members, airplane owners and aviation enthusiasts.

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Victor Vogel

Founder & President


Russel Stankiewicz

Vice President


Charles K. Hanson